Antony Gormley: Still Moving

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Antony Gormley is a renowned British contemporary sculptor, recently invited to show at the Long Museum(West Bund) in Shanghai. This is his first major solo exhibition in China, presenting four decades of Gormley's work for the next three months. Since the early 1980's, Gormley has been creating sculptural works based on the human body. Using primarily life-sized metal body castings, Gormley uses abstract and geometric visual elements to reconstruct the human body in new contexts, creating space for interaction between his viewers and his constructions.

Yayoi Kusama: My Eternal Soul

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“Yayoi Kusama: My Eternal Soul”, which is the biggest-ever retrospective of artist's work, is presented in The National Art Center, Tokyo from February 22th to May 22th, 2017.

13 Must-See Art Exhibitions in 2017

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1.James Turrell:Immersive Light
| China, SHANGHAI | Long Museum (West Bund) | 2017. 01. 22 ~ 2017. 05. 21

As one of the most influential contemporary artists,James Turrell devoted himself to extending the limitations of human perception and imagination.

2016 Art Basel Miami Beach

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Widely considered the most exciting time of year in Miami, Art Basel Miami Beach brings a certain electricity to the air in early December. The fair, showcases 269 world-class galleries from 29 countries, attracts an attendance of more than 70,000, including a sophisticated crowd of artists, collectors, gallerists and curators to the sands of South Beach.

2016 Art Taipei Report

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ART TAIPEI 2016 held from November 12 to 15 at Taipei World Trade Center. A total of 150 domestic and foreign art galleries are invited. This year, ART TAIPEI also collaborate Asia Pacific Art Gallery Association (APAGA) in hopes of consolidating the respective strengths of each region, and moreover to unify the sophisticated, unweavering key players of the Asian art scene: Taiwan, China, Hong Kong, Japan and Korea.

Art Market

2017 ART021 Shanghai Contemporary Art Fair

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the best results of any Sotheby's auction in the past four years: 2017 Sotheby's Fall Auction

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Sotheby's 2017 Autumn Auction was held at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center from September 30 to October 2. A total of 73 works were placed at auction and a total of 68 works were sold, a turnover of more than 93% and sales totaling HK $ 710,227,500 (about NT $ 2,768.84 million). More than ten artists to create personal auction records, such as: Yun Gee, Hsiao Chin, Li Yuan-Chia, Wan Jen-Geng, Liang Yuanwei, Japanese artists Chiu Uemae and Kenjiro Azuma, and Korean artist Seo-bo Park. This year's fall auction not only surpassed the results of the spring auction, but also had the best results of any Sotheby's auction in the past four years.

Asian Art Market heating up? 2017 Hong Kong Sotheby's Spring Auction

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The 2017 Sotheby's Spring Auction was held at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center from April 1-5th. The show introduced a variety of important Western Contemporary art on its first night of auction, revealing a change in previous patterns at market, a bright success.

2017 Art Basel Hong Kong

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The Fifth Art Basel Hong Kong exhibition hosted a total of 34 different countries, exhibiting a total of 242 top galleries, with a total of 29 first time Art Basel HK exhibitors. Official statistics say that the number of visitors this year was almost 80,000, substantially more than last years 70,000 visitors. Consistent with last year, there were many Chinese collectors present, and this year there were also many new Southeast Asian art collectors, directors of private art museums, and directors of Art Foundations, showing that Asian collector's are more and more interested in collecting Western art.

Christie's Hong Kong Autumn 2016

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2016 Christie's Hong Kong Autumn auctions, taking place 25-30 November at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre. Founded in 18th century London, Christie's celebrated its 250th anniversary this year.


Abstract Aesthetics of Cy Twombly

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Edwin Parker “Cy” Twombly (1928-2011), born in Lexington, Virginia, was nicknamed “Cy” by his father, after the star baseball pitcher Cy Young (1867-1955).

Sanyu's Parisian Dream


Sanyu (1901-1966), born in Sichuan, China, showed a great aptitude for calligraphy from early age. He first attended the Shanghai Art Academy, and in 1921, inspired by the wave of study-abroad after the May 4th Movement of 1919 and supported by his brother, Sanyu decided to head for Paris to further his studies. Unlike most of his Chinese contemporaries, such as Xu Bei-hong (1895-1953) and Lin Feng-mian (1900-1991), who returned to China after finishing their studies, Sanyu remained in Paris to continue his artistic development until his death in 1966.

Dah-in Life Weekend Market

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Dah-in Life weekend market held on 19 November at Tamsui District, next to the Art Box Museum. The market showcased various handmade gifts from local artisans, environmental friendly vegetables, fresh fruits, and mouth-watering snacks. With so many vendors to choose from, and a relaxed morning vibe, there’s truly no better place to start a cozy weekend holiday.

Guggenheim Museum Bilbao

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Since the 19th century, Bilbao in northern Spain has been an industrial hub in Europe. From the iron and steel to the shipbuilding industry, Bilbao has become one of the richest towns in Spain. Unfortunately, with the late 1980s economic transition, Bilbao was forced to re-position her economic development. Writer Hemingway once described Bilbao as a dirty and smelly city when he lived there. Nowadays, she has become an international and cultural city!

The Best coffee shops in LIC 2016

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"Court Square" in Long Island City is located on the joining spot of E, F, G, three subway lines and only one stop away from Manhattan acorssing the East River. Takes another stop, you can reach thecenter of Fifth Avenue/MoMA. It was occupited by some artists and art galleries in the ‘90s. Within the past decate where finally became a new and hot community which gathered by white-collar and young familys. Tens of toll buildings are shooting up recently just like woods after the raining season in spring.